Flu Tactics That Work

So, you have a low-grade fever, your body hurts and you don’t have any energy. If you didn’t receive a flu vaccine this year, chances are that you have the flu virus.

The flu virus typically runs its course in about seven days, at which time you should start to feel better. In the meantime, here are a few tactics to help you cope with symptoms and recover sooner.

Drink Up: Staying hydrated can jumpstart your immune system, which can help you fight the virus. Water is best, along with orange juice and sugar-free tea.

Eat chicken noodle soup: The soup doesn’t have any antiviral properties; however, it’s a proven remedy for cold and flu symptoms. The warmth can open your nasal passage and soothe a sore throat. Plus, it helps hydrate your body.

Move around, if you feel okay: Your mother probably told you to stay in bed while sick with the flu. And while too much activity can further weaken your immune system and prolong the illness, a little activity is harmless.

It all depends on how you feel. If you’re very weak and feel terrible, it’s okay to stay in bed. But if you have enough strength to move around, moderate activity might help you feel better.

Don’t go to work or school, or hit the gym. However, you can walk around your house or down the street, if the weather permits.

The flu is nothing to play with. If you haven’t received your flu vaccine, schedule an appointment with your doctor today, or visit a local pharmacy.

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