Flu Shots at Your Local Pharmacy

You don’t have to visit your doctor to get a flu shot. In fact, you don’t have to visit a medical center. Go to your local pharmacist and you can receive a flu shot without an appointment. With a pharmacist located on most corners, it has never been easier to protect you and your family.

Some people discount the importance of a flu vaccine. However, a vaccine offers 90% protection against the flu virus. The only need one shot a year, and this single shot offers protection for 12 months. And while many people feel that the flu shot causes the flu, this is not true. Some people experience some symptoms, such as a sore throat, congestion and runny nose. These symptoms usually disappear after 48 hours.

If you want to protect your family against the flu virus this season and the recent epidemic, visit your local pharmacy (or doctor’s office). You can get a flu vaccine for under $30. However, most pharmacies accept major insurance plans.



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