Flu or Something Else?

There is nothing worse than being sick and not having answers. Like most people, you’re probably busy with either work or school. In addition, you may have a family and other responsibilities. With your hectic schedule, you may go to great lengths to maintain your health. And when you get sick, you may take medication to speed your recovery. But what if you suspect the flu virus, yet over-the-counter medications provide little relief?

The flu virus is very common during the winter months, however, other conditions can mimic the flu. If you do not have the flu and you’re taking medication to treat flu symptoms, you may not recover. Fortunately, there is a way to deal with this type of situation.

Schedule an appointment with your primary physician and ask about flu test kits. These tests are easy and quick. Your doctor swabs your mouth, and within 10 to 15 minutes, he can determine whether you have the flu. Flu test kits are highly beneficial if your flu symptoms do not improve after two weeks. Sometimes, a test kit is the only way to distinguish the flu from other illnesses.

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