Flu Kits for a Better Doctor Office

GENZYME OSOM INFLUENZA A B TESTFlu kits are a great alternative to the standard lab testing for a variety of reasons. They are cheaper, faster, and patients are more likely to accept testing in this way. It is also easier for untrained personnel. Flu kits are the testing method of the future, where more people can be treated for their flu-like symptoms before they become serious or life threatening. If you have never used a flu kit before, it is very simple, and can cut back on the time spent on an individual patient, so you can move them along more efficiently. Here is some explanation of how they are more useful than standard testing and how they are used.

Ease of Use

Using flu kits makes testing for influenza simple, and unlike some lab testing, you do not need to be specially trained to effectively use a flu test kit. All a nurse or technician needs to do, is swab or have the patient swab the upper sinus cavities for mucus, then place the sample into the testing bag. Depending on the flu kit, a fluid or strip is applied to the sample, and will change color depending on the strain of the influenza virus. Be aware that these flu kits only test for influenza strains A and B, so you may need to secure other tests if it is another strain that is suspected.

The cost difference between a flu kit and a lab test is staggering. Where you may spend thousands of dollars a year running some lab tests, having these flu kits on hand is a fraction of the cost. This means that you do not need to outsource to other labs, or pay a large in-house lab service, to have minor flu checks taken care of. It also saves you considerable amounts of time, so you can actually make more money moving patients quickly in and out of your office.

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