Five Flu Symptoms to Watch Out For

The flu is nothing to sneeze at … or maybe it is, depending on your symptoms. Each case of the flu may present different symptoms, but having many of these symptoms at one times raises the possibilities of having influenza. If you’re wondering what symptoms may crop up, or if you or a loved one do indeed have the flu, here is a handy list of just a few potential side-effects of the illness. Note that, when flu season comes around, you should always pre book flu vaccine and get it as soon as possible in order to stave off any potential flu symptoms.

  • A fever.While not experienced by all those who get the flu, many who contract it can get a fever up to 100 degrees, or even higher.
  • Congestion. You nose, ears, and throat maybe be congested greatly if you’ve caught the flu. If you have real difficulty breathing, you should head to a hospital promptly.
  • Body aches.If you find your body aching consistently and on a daily basis, this may be an additional sign that you’ve caught the flu.
  • Fatigue.It’s normal to get tired in an average day, but if you find yourself exhausted throughout most of your day, you might have the flu. It’s important that your fatigue is paired with several other symptoms, seeing as fatigue is a very general symptom and can be a sign of many different health issues or illnesses.
  • Nausea and/or vomiting.If you find you can’t keep down your food, drinks, or even water, this is large sign of the flu. If your nausea is unending, or you are persistently vomiting several times throughout the day, head to a hospital right away.

If you are afraid you or a loved one might be susceptible to influenza, head out and buy flu vaccine as soon as possible. When symptoms for the flu start to show, it’s already too late! Don’t wait – get vaccinated before the flu season hits to ensure your continued health.

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