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There are many places you can go online for tips about flu test kits.  One of those places is Express Medical Supplies.  At Express Medical, virtually all flu kits from leading providers are available, and they’ve been selling them enough to know who responds to what, and why.

What is a Flu Test Kit?

Let’s define what a flu test kit is first.  Flu test kits quickly show what kind of strain an individual has come down with, influenza-wise.  The test kit will indicate whether or not the person has caught Influenza A or influenza B.  Some of these can give results in as little as ten minutes, most take anywhere from fifteen minutes to a half an hour.  This streamlines the process of diagnosis, allowing for quicker recovery and better treatment.  The practitioner who knows just what type of flu an individual has come down with can better proscribe treatment.

Ease of Use

As far as tips about flu test kits are concerned, chief among them is ease of use.  You’re going to want a test kit that isn’t known for failures, and is not counter-intuitive.  Some have been poorly engineered, leading to testing failures due to administration error.  Minimization of such an exigency is easy enough during the purchase process.  Simply check the customer reviews and see what they’ve got to say about ease of use and successful testing.  Also, on the ease of use side of things, look for the least glare in the result window of the testing device.  Glare can make proper diagnosis difficult, because it’s hard to tell what the test kit is telling you.  In a doctor’s office, you’re going to be better off with devices that aren’t so terribly complex, whereas laboratories and references of the clinical variety will naturally utilize more complex systems.

Rapidity of Result

Next up is speed.  How fast does that test kit tell you what your patient is dealing with?  Fifteen minutes is the magic number.  There are a lot of kits that give results in even less time.  The quicker you can diagnose that patient, the quicker you can get to other patients; and from there you’ll be able to more successfully treat whatever wave of influenza has swept your community.  Early detection of pathogens that complicate conditions and symptoms which result from influenza is critical medically.

High Rates of Differentiation

Look for high differentiation rates as well.  One of the best tips about flu test kits you can get is to keep an eye on whether or not the kit can tell if a patient has type A or type B influenza.  The best kits have the ability to offer exposure in a qualitative sense to both types of antigens via aspirate, wash specimens, and nasal swabs.  The more kinds of influenza your flu test kit can identify, the better.

Overall Accuracy

Finally, you want a test that is accurate.   RIDT stands for “Rapid Influenza Diagnosis Test”, and these are going to vary based on many factors.  Two of the most important factors are what is called “specificity”, and “sensitivity”.  Specificity refers to how specific the differentiation can be between the types of flu; whereas sensitivity refers to how sensitive the equipment is to the specimens you give it for analysis.  You’re looking for a specificity rating above 70%, and a sensitivity above 95%.  The higher the value is on these tests, the better.

In the end, sometimes it’s better to pay a little bit more for a better kit.  Buying one is a measure that will conserve time and money.  Flu test kits save.

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