Exam Gloves’ Rise in Popularity

It has only been over the course of the last 20 years that the use of latex exam gloves has been so prevalent.  Prior to that, latex gloves were worn in hospitals, but, until the early 90s, they were not always utilized in other settings.  Police officers, emergency medical personnel, even dentists, were not as prone to use them as medical professionals working within a hospital setting or doctor’s office.  When it became clear that communicable diseases were still very much a concern, the necessity for products that could protect both the patient and the healthcare practitioner became more important. 

20 years later medical professionals are highly aware of how vital exam gloves and other barrier devices are when functioning within a medical environment.  A healthcare practitioner can only take care of others, when they, themselves, are healthy.  High quality exam gloves ensure that a medical professional, be they a doctor, nurse, or EMT, can work safely while focusing on improving the health of their patient.     

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