Exam Gloves Protect Doctors and Nurses Every Day

Exam gloves are a way of life for doctors and nurses. They protect these doctors and nurses from catching viruses, diseases and other contagious illnesses, and spreading them too. These gloves can be powdered or powder-free and most come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Express Medical Supplies sells many types of medical Exam Gloves.

Latex gloves are typically the most popular type and they are more affordable than the other types. They provide a high degree of safety, strength and elasticity. Most doctors and nurses get a sense as they feel like their second skin.

Nitrile gloves are protein-free, so they result in fewer allergic reactions. These types of gloves are blue and they resist chemicals, tearing and puncture.

Synthetic gloves are important for people who are sensitive or are allergic. These exam gloves are latex-free. They are flexible and are a great alternative to latex gloves.

Vinyl gloves are typically the most affordable type of gloves, so hospital personnel turn to these types of gloves because they offer a better value. People, who use these gloves, typically say they are so soft that they do not feel like gloves at all.

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