Exam Gloves in the Home

Exam gloves are a priority in medical facilities. Most doctor offices keep a hefty supply of gloves, and nurses and doctors typically wear gloves when administering treatment. However, exam gloves aren’t limited to hospitals and health clinics. If you want to keep your family safe and reduce the risk of infections, use exam gloves in the home.

Some people develop a habit of cleaning their homes without gloves. However, being in the home doesn’t lower your risk of illness. Several surfaces in your home are commonly touched, and outside germs can live on these surfaces. Wearing latex or another protective glove while cleaning your home can stop the transfer of germs and bacteria onto your hands.

Is there a sick relative in the house? If so, gloves can prove beneficial when caring for this individual. Maybe your child has a stomach virus. Coming in contact with vomit and other bodily fluids increases your risk of infection. Simply protecting your hands, wearing a face mask and washing your hands frequently can avert any illness.

Don’t view exam gloves as an optional additional in your medicine closet. Keep a supply of gloves in stock, and you may experience better health.

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