Exam Glove Alternatives

Exam gloves are a vital part of any medical practice.  Exam gloves protect both the patient and the healthcare practitioner.  Traditionally, latex has served as the barrier material of choice, and the number of infections and bacterial issues experienced by both patients and medical professionals has been drastically reduced thanks to the use of latex exam gloves.  However, latex is not for everyone.  Both medical professionals and patients can be sensitive to the proteins contained in the natural rubber material that comprises latex.  For healthcare practitioners with a latex allergy, especially, spending all day with your hands encased in gloves that make you sneeze, cause your nose to run, and result in uncomfortable skin and eye irritation is terribly unpleasant. 

A number of excellent alternative exam gloves have been developed in order to ensure the health and safety of both patients and doctors.  These latex alternative exam gloves include nitrile exam gloves and synthetic exam glovesNitrile gloves are an excellent option for healthcare practitioners with a sensitivity to latex proteins, as they are protein free.  Synthetic gloves are latex-free exam gloves, but generally feel quite similar to latex gloves when worn.  Your medical supplies should support you in your work, not make you ill.   For medical professionals with a latex sensitivity, take some time to find the option that works best for you. Express Medical Supplies offers a full line of nitrile exam gloves and synthetic exam gloves to better serve our clients with latex-related allergies.

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