Everything You Need to Know About Home Flu Kits

Quidel QuickVue Flu Test KitFlu kits are an amazing alternative to seeing a doctor for what may just be a minor illness. Doctor offices and hospital waiting rooms are packed full of germs and other sick people. If you have not contracted a virus already, you might as well be opening yourself up for one waiting for hours here. With all of these inconveniences and dangers, if you suspect a virus, getting a flu kit at home is the best alternative.

What is a Flu Kit?

Home flu test kits test for influenza strains A&B, and come with many options. This means that you can test multiple members of the family, or save it for future instances where you may have the flu. These tests are also much cheaper than going to a doctor’s office and ordering a full lab test. If you go to the doctor and order a lab work-up, it can take up to twenty-four hours for them to give you the results.

How Does it Work?

Flu kits are extremely simple to use and provide accurate results fast. The process involves taking a small sample of your mucous, generally through a swabbing. You then add the chemical compound that reacts to the virus. It will then tell you whether or not you are stuffing from the flu, and which strain it is. The accuracy rating of these tests goes as high as ninety-eight percent. This means that you can self-diagnose your illness, and receive treatment much more quickly and efficiently.

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