Effective, Safe, Easy Cryosurgery: Verruca-Freeze

Verruca FreezeExpress Medical Supplies is proud to offer a full line of effective, safe, and easy cryosurgery supplies such as our comprehensive line of verruca-freeze and verruca freeze cryosurgical accessories. Verruca-freeze is a safe, easy, and effective cryosurgical solution and a convenient alternative to the use of liquid nitrogen in performing cryosurgery procedures.

What exactly is Verruca-Freeze?

Verruca Freeze is one of the coldest portable cryosurgery systems available on the medical market today. A three to six second spray of cryogen, freezing for twenty to thirty seconds, makes Verruca-Freeze a a quick, effective, and easy form of cryosurgery. Verruca Freeze has two forms of application: 1) disposable CryoBuds and 2) reusable CryoCones. Express Medical Supplies is your single source supplier for all of your cryosurgical needs!

The cryogen found in Verruca Freeze consists of a combination of refrigerated gases, making Verruca Freeze safe, CFC-free and non flammable, which eliminates all need for HAZMAT fees associated with shipping the Verruca Freeze product! The Verruca Freeze cryogenic system has a minimum shelf life of five years from the time of first use, so leakage and evaporation are not issues to worry over.

Why is Verruca-Freeze a Convenient Alternative to Liquid Nitrogen?

  • One Minute Procedure
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable
  • Great Insurance Reimbursement Rates
  • Ease of Use and Verruca-Freeze is Portable
  • No HAZMAT Fees
  • Verruca-Freeze is Effective in Treating 21 Benign Skin Lesions

Why Should You Choose Verruca-Freeze for Your Practice’s Cryosurgery Needs?

The reason is simple. Verruca-Freeze is a , self-contained, portable, cryosurgical unit approved for removing and treating twenty-one benign skin lesions. Verruca Freeze is non-flammable, which means that the product line of Verruca Freeze from Express Medical Supplies do not qualify for any additional shipping charges due to HAZMAT fees. Also, Verruca-Freeze is the best choice for your office’s cryosurgery needs because it is odorless, bloodless, and self-anesthetizing. This one minute cryosurgical procedure can generate extra revenue for your practice due to the great insurance reimbursement rates associated with Verruca-Freeze. Performing cryosurgery with Verruca-Freeze is also easy to learn and over 90 percent effective on the first treatment.

Let Express Medical Supplies be your single source supplier for all of your Verruca-Freeze cryosurgical supplies. We make ordering online quick and easy by offering a user-friendly comprehensive website, which allows you to order your Verruca-Freeze items with just a few short clicks of your mouse. More comfortable placing your order over the phone? Call us today at 888-886-6337 and one of our customer service agents would be happy to assist you in placing your order for Verruca-Freeze today!

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