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Medical Lab

New measures have made urinary drug testing a more regularly experience. It has necessary in some areas, and more convenient in others, to simply have your own option for lab set ups. This saves a lot of time during new patient intake in states that have mandated. Money is also a large issue. It is generally cheaper to have an in-house drug testing lab set up, than to outsource other laboratories. These can be used for intake testing, and to protect your practice for prescription drug addiction. Here are a few options for in-house lab set ups for your doctor’s office.

Urinary Testing

Urine drug testing is the easiest way to go about blanket drug testing. These lab set ups are relatively inexpensive, and continuous testing is cheaper than hair or nail testing. These are perfect for individual doctor offices. They offer a doctor a simple way to track their patient’s progress, and follow state mandates. New patient checks for drug use is also much easier to deal with. More states may follow suit with these drug testing mandates, so it may also be a good investment to have a urinary drug testing lab set up prepared.

Blood Testing

Blood testing is a less convenient option for tracking a patient’s’ progress over time. Many patients also do not like this option because it is much more invasive. Regulations allow for blood testing labs are similar to urinary testing, but denying service is much more common if blood testing is involved. However, many offices already have the lab set ups for blood testing, for a variety of things including drugs. With recent regulations moving in, it may be necessary for more doctors to test using their blood drawing equipment. It is recommended that you go for the urinary lab set up when possible.

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