Don’t Forget the Exam Gloves

If you work in a medical or dental office, you likely recognize the importance of exam gloves. But while you may wear exam gloves each time you examine a patient, other situations also call for gloves. Gloves are widely available from discount and regular medical supply companies. These gloves are available in a variety of materials and sizes.

Exam gloves are very important because they reduce your chances of catching a virus or other illness. Being in close contact with patients can expose you to germs and bacteria. You may wear a face mask when helping a very sick patient. This offers some protection. But once the patient leaves your care, do you hastily remove your exam gloves? If so, you can put yourself in danger.

Whether you work in a doctor’s office, the hospital or a dentist office, always wear exam gloves as you sanitize medical tools. A variety of germs, bacteria and pathogens can contaminate these instruments. If you’re not wearing gloves, you can contract an illness.

Be safe and always remember your exam gloves. This is a top way to reduce illness in the workplace.

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