Does Your Practice Need Lab Setups?

There are a number of advantages to having lab setups in your practice. There are also a few disadvantages and for this reason some offices decide to outsource their lab work. Consider some of the following advantages and disadvantages to having an in house lab.

Fast Turn Around

One of the biggest reasons offices decide to utilize a lab in their practice is the fast results. You can often gather lab work and have the results even while a patient waits. This can help you keep your diagnosis fast and accurate and increase patient satisfaction.

Increased Revenue

Another prime reason to keep lab work in your practice is the chance at increased revenue. When your staff is running the work you will have a fee that you can charge. This will help to increase your cash flow and keep your business operating exceptionally.

Control Over Lab Specimens and Results

Some practices choose to keep their lab work in house for the simple reason that they will have control over how it is handled and when results are received. This is a good way to maintain a professional atmosphere and to keep your patients from waiting on lab work.

Staff Training

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that practices decide to outsource their lab work is because of the training involved. Many offices are already short staffed and over worked. Adding another responsibility may be too much. Outsourcing your lab work can solve this problem quickly.

Staff Hours

Even if your lab work is done in-house someone will have to perform the tests. This will take work hours and will cost you in payroll. For this reason there are some practices that prefer to outsource their lab work to a specialty business. If you are worried about staffing issues you may want to look into this possibility.

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