Different Types of Sterilization Equipment

Sterilization Equipment - AutoclaveHospitals as centers of medical foundations perform various diagnosis in order to treat and care patients suffering from various injuries and sickness. In order to be successful in their diagnostic performances it is necessary to have an extensive range of hospital equipment. Moreover, this helps in treating the patients with urgency and proficiency. It is always good to know more about the different types of sterilization equipment ranging from the basic supplies to the highly-sophisticated machines.

What is sterilization?

The act of destroying microorganisms on and in an object is called sterilization. It is primarily used to prevent food and other substances from spoiling. These living microorganisms often spread deadly diseases in humans and animals. They can be destroyed either by chemical substances or by physical agents. Heat and irradiation are the two types of physical agents that can destroy such microorganisms.

Destroying microorganisms by heat sterilization is one of the most common and preferred mode. There are two types of heat sterilization, the moist heat and dry heat sterilization. Radiation includes high-energy particles in order to sterilize microorganisms. Chemical substances are used to sterilize air, solutions, or the surfaces of solids.

Equipment used for sterilization

Following are some of the equipment used for purify or make germ-free products:

  • Sterile surgical gloves: These gloves have curved and tapered fingers and are naturally contoured for comfort and excellent touch sensitivity.
  • Sterile stopcocks: Irrespective of the application, these stopcocks provide safe and simple interconnection of tubing and syringe lines. They come both with and without extension tube sets.
  • Syringes: The sterile syringes can be used for varied application.
  • Pipette sterilization and storage containers: It is a convenient and easy to use pipette storage container. This product is very useful for dry heat sterilization.
  • Containers: The containers are available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, and 2000 ml solid stoppers.

The other products available are CSR wraps, infectious waste bags, ultrasonic cleaners, instrument trays, disinfectants, indicators, pouches, and instrument cleaners or lubricants.

You can purchase these products from the suppliers of medical surgical equipment. The suppliers offer a varied range of surgical products from some of the top brands like 3M, Procare, Hemosense, BinaxNow, Quidel, Hypoguard and Bayer. You can buy these branded products at discount rates often offered by the suppliers. For more information you can browse the Internet and have a look at the catalogues offered by the suppliers.

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