Cold vs. Flu

During cold and flu season many people incorrectly label their case of the sniffles as a full blown flu when this is not the case. The flu and the common cold are two very different illnesses that affect the body in distinct ways. Although they can both present with fever and chills, it is important to understand the flu virus and the common cold are to different types of illnesses with two different targets in mind. As such they make the body in react in distinct ways.

The common cold is just that. Although coming down with it may leave the patient filling weak and out of sorts for a few days, it is not a painful condition. The pains and the stomach issues present with the flu. There is no cure of the common cold or really any way to avoid it safe for proper hygiene. The flu however is different and can be prevented by getting a flu shot. Patients can pre book flu vaccine to help them find a suitable time in which they can get this sometimes lifesaving vaccine.

Offices can buy flu vaccine in order to get ready for this time of year where it will be most needed. By giving the flu vaccines to patients it helps to avoid illness later. Although the cold will still be a problem for most, once the flu vaccine is given, the flu more than likely will not be an issue for most people who are trying to avoid coming down with the illness.

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