Coaguchek for Quality of Life

Everyone knows what to do if they are bleeding. Put bandages on it until it stops. Most cuts and scrapes can be treated at home with little or no real training in the medical profession. For more serious accidents a quick trip to the ER or walk in clinic can have the injury all fixed up in a matter of minutes. It is only for very serious accidents that anyone considers a real stay in the hospital for any extended length of time.

For some patients however, even the smallest of injuries, those that would be a mere inconvenience to the average person become a serious medical issue. Some patients have temporary conditions or even chronic illnesses that keep their blood from clotting correctly. This condition can make a minor injury potentially life threatening as without the blood clotting, the wound will not be able to heal leaving the patient losing blood and even if it is not a lot, the wound will remain open longer leaving them more susceptible to infection. Coaguchek is one of the many supplies used to ensure that blood clotting is in working order.

This is just one of the many medical supplies that a practice may have on hand to fully service their patients, Coaguchek is designed to help improve the patient’s quality of life and help them live their life to the fullest even while living with illness or chronic conditions. There are many products like this and as medical technology advances, so does the ability to lead a full life despite what health issues one may face.

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