Clarifying INR/PT Monitoring

POC testing has vastly improved the level of care available to patients who are undergoing any sort of anticoagulant therapy.  The reduction in time between testing, results, and adjustment has been greatly reduced.  Also, the ability to monitor a patient’s condition easily and quickly has meant that monitoring occurs more regularly, and provides a more accurate picture of how the patient is responding to a particular course of therapy.  It is important to remind patients, however, that POC monitoring is one part of a larger course of analysis.

INR/PT monitoring devices like Coaguchek and Hemosense, provide accurate information about a patient which can be used to adjust or change dosages of anticoagulant drugs.  The purpose of the monitoring system is to provide an easier way to manage and improve the quality of care.  Occasionally, patients are confused about what it is the monitoring devices do.  As a healthcare practitioner, it is important to express to them, that they are tools for determining an effective course of action, not the action itself.      

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