Choosing the Flu Vaccine

People hate needles. This is a fact that doctors and patients have wrestled with for years when it comes time to be immunized. When it comes to children, these shots are given without much hesitation because it’s well known what a serious illness can do to a child’s developing immune system and body. However when adults are faced with the same choice and it is given as optional, getting a shot that will protect you from an illness you may or may not get doesn’t seem like such an event to rush to anymore.

The seasonal flu vaccine is a one dose vaccine that protects against the yearly seasonal flu attacks. Unlike most vaccines that are given once or twice in a lifetime however, the flu shot must be given every year to help protect the body from the every changing flu virus. This illness that is often misconstrued to be a very bad cold actually is much worse and could lead to far more serious respiratory ailments. Having oneself immunized against the flu is the safest choice to make when trying not to get sick during flu season.

Although there are many flu vaccines on the market, such as Sanofi Fluzone, they are all good at doing one thing; keeping the person who is immunized safe from the flu. This is just one of the many market options available to consumers today in order to keep them safe and healthy even during the harshest of flu seasons. The flu vaccine is a safe alternative to getting sick and trying to treat the symptoms, instead, avoid the entire ordeal altogether by getting the flu shot ahead of time.

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