Choosing Flu Test Kits for Your Practice

The media often speaks about the onset of flu season, a time of year in which cases of influenza are most common. These periods are when patients are most likely to approach you for testing and vaccination. Having test kits available year-round facilitates quick diagnosis of out-of-season cases, limiting the spread of this virus.

Purchasing the right test kits for your practice may require some forethought, as different kits may offer features better suited to your particular patients’ needs. In addition, quantities become a concern for both small clinics and major hospitals. Addressing these issues prior to placing your order may create better savings in the long run.

Variations Between Flu Test Kits

It is not difficult to find kits which test for both Influenza A and B,so many companies now add features which make them stand out among the competition. Some brands, such as QuickVue, offer bulk packaging on larger volume nasal swab kits for batch testing, and individual packaging or smaller volume kits to allow for individual use. The BD Veritor system uses a digital display with adaptive read technology to reduce the number of false positives by providing purely objective readings. These features allow you to order flu test kits which cater to your practice’s needs.

Is a Larger Pack Better?

Tests are available in packs of 10, 22, 25, or 30. Larger packs are less expensive overall, although they are not always the best choice. As with all medical supplies, flu tests have a shelf life. When purchasing for a large practice, bulk orders of packs containing higher quantities may be a cost effective solution. For smaller practice, the purchase of kits containing 10 or 22 tests may reduce the risk of wasting extras. Only order flu test kits in the quantities that best suit your needs to avoid overstock.

Purchasing Flu Test Kits

Regardless of whether your practice is a small clinic or a major hospital, saving money is important. Suppliers, such as Express Medical Supplies, often offer discounts when you order flu test kits in bulk. By selecting pack sizes and kit features which best suit your practice, you may be able to streamline your testing routine during flu season. The ability to order smaller quantities is also beneficial when you are in need of additional test kits outside of flu season. Finally, the option of ordering only what you need prevents overstock and allows more funds for other medical supplies.

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