Caregivers Need a Flu Vaccine

As a caregiver, you’ll likely do everything possible to keep your family member or patient safe. You may give him medication as scheduled each day, report unusual symptoms to his doctor, and work to keep his surroundings as safe as possible. Depending on the person, a doctor may recommend an annual flu vaccine to protect him from the virus. However, the flu shot isn’t right for everyone. If you’re patient or family member is unable to get a vaccine because he’s allergic to the flu shot, you can protect him by asking your doctor for a flu vaccine.

Of course, you’re also protecting yourself. But if your family member or patient is elderly or has a weak immune system, being infected with the flu vaccine increases his risk of hospitalization and death. By getting a flu shot to decrease your chances of an infection, you’re essentially protecting your patient or family member.

Talk with your doctor and get a flu vaccine as soon as they become available. Vaccines are typically available around the beginning of September.

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