Can Exercise Boost the Flu Shot’s Potency?

Like all vaccines, the flu vaccine is not full-proof. It works to prevent disease by telling your body to produce anti-bodies to protect against the flu virus; so if infection does occur, your immune system is able to then fight it off easily. The flu shot prepares your body for the infection it might have to face.

Due to this preparation factor, scientists are always looking for ways to boost the potency of vaccines so that a person’s body may grow more anti-bodies during peak seasons of infection.

Researchers at Iowa State’s University in Ames recently performed a variety of studies to evaluate how exercise can affect the potency of flu shots. It was determined that those patients who exercised for 90 minutes of moderate cardio exercise within 15 minutes of receiving the flu shot were found to have develop twenty percent more anti-bodies than those who did not exercise afterwards.

Researchers also found that individuals who weight-lifted, specifically bicep curls, boosted the anti-bodies around the arm where the vaccine was injected, hence lifting its potency as well.

While researchers did not evaluate how exercise beforehand may affect the flu shot’s potency, it was determined that exercise afterwards gives individuals a healthier immune system.

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