Blood Monitoring and Children

For your clients with children who have issues with blood clotting, explaining the dangers, precautions, and health-related rules for their child’s care can be difficult for both you, their healthcare provider, and the parents themselves.  It is a lot for anyone to take in.  The new parents must learn to care for their child, and also care for their child’s health condition.  The combination can be downright overwhelming.  In the past, repeated trips to the nearby hospital or clinic were required to monitor blood-related illnesses, and the “lag-time” between blood testing and blood analysis often meant that adjustments to medication came slowly.

Nowadays, thankfully, with products like Coaguchek and Hemosense, it is possible for your patients to monitor themselves regularly and to share this information with you.  For new parents, being able to monitor their child’s health at home means far less disruption and adjustment, and it gives them a sense of control over their child’s health.  It is a win-win for all involved.  The life of the child is less disrupted; parents can focus on being parents; and you, their healthcare provider, can have access to regular, accurate information about your client, enabling you to provide the best care possible.

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