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New Diagnostic Designs for Diagnosing Lung Disease

EasyOne hosts an array of new diagnostic devices supported by the American Thoracic Society in 2017.
These devices allow doctors to take a much closer look at lung diseases which allows a more accurate and much earlier diagnosis so treatment options can be presented to you the patient.

These devices have taken technology to new heights by keen upgrades such as seen in the Spirometry 360 for asthma management and care.

Medical technology continues to spin out of control, offering new diagnostic designs for diagnostic devices for lung testing and lung diagnoses.

Leading the Way in Faster, More Accurate Lung Disease Diagnosis

A company is leading the way in updating and devising new tools for easier and faster lung testing with a spirometer and portable all-in-one DLCO devices.

This group worked tirelessly over the last twenty years to improve your quality of care through offering solutions so your doctor can accurately diagnose your lung condition on site. This point of care diagnoses helps to send the right treatment to you on the spot.

EasyOne offers users one software solution to enable a connection with your electronic medical records.
EasyOne provides state-of-the-art diagnostic devices as follows,

  • Spirometer and full lung volume measurement
  • A PC based and portable spirometer called EasyOne Air
  • A mobile device offering a diffusion capacity assessment called the EasyOne Pro
  • All devices operate from one software solution through the EasyOne Connect platform

These lung testing devices offer an Ultrasonic TrueFlow Measurement which eliminated errors versus the traditional flow measurement methods that use, for example, humidity and heat.

These EasyOne testing methods,

  • Eliminate disposables
  • Removes the need for sputum collection
  • Offers fast, error free results

These new diagnostic design portable devices continually tested under the most challenging conditions and were found to be extremely durable while delivering accurate and consistent patient results.

These results set new standards for pulmonary function testing. The devices are easy to use, and the company offers excellent customer service.

Time is of the Essence in Diagnosing Lung Disease

These new diagnostic designs provided earlier detection of lung conditions such as asthma and disease processes like lung cancer so that your doctor could start the most accurate and appropriate treatment for you. These devices eliminated diagnostic error and assisted in providing irreversible lung damage to an untold number of patients.

No other company offers such transparency, reliable scientific evidence, and support of leaders in this medical industry. Our team consists of skilled, educated, and honest members. These members prove to exceed company goals and patient/doctor satisfaction. This company strives to enhance the environment with environmentally friendly products and activities.

In Conclusion

When you are treating your patients with lung issues, you a prompt and accurate diagnosis. You know that time is of the essence so that you can offer your patients; their treatment options and your patients can make informed decisions regarding a lung diagnosis.

You want devices that can read fast and error free results as soon as possible. Lung conditions such as asthma and COPD and more severe diagnosis such as lung cancer demand that you find a quick solution for your patient to avoid irreversible lung damage.

Millions more people in today’s society see a great increase in asthma, allergies, and COPD. Most lung diagnosis can be controlled and managed well, allowing the patient to live a quality life. But, you need a fast and accurate diagnosis to help your patient.

These new diagnostic designs are everything it claims to be offering the most reliable and easy to use products, delivering excellence in customer service.


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