Benefits of a Flu Vaccine During Pregnancy

If you have never received a flu shot, you might underestimate the importance of a vaccination. Skipping a flu vaccine increases your risk of getting sick. Catching the flu isn’t a huge problem if you’re a healthy adult with a healthy immune system. In this case, you’re likely to recover from the flu virus within two weeks. But if you’re expecting a child, it is imperative that you receive a flu vaccine — regardless of whether you’re healthy.

The chances of catching the flu are higher when you’re expecting. Pregnancy can weaken the immune system, thus making you more sensitive to the flu virus. Getting a flu vaccine is simple. Your primary physician can administer the shot, and once you receive a shot, you’re protected for the duration of your pregnancy. A flu vaccine not only protects you, but also your baby after he or she is born.

Discuss the flu vaccine with your doctor as soon as you discover that you’re pregnant. The sooner you receive a flu shot, the sooner you can protect yourself from the virus.


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