Be Ready for Flu Season – Stock up on Flu Kits and Vaccines!

We all enjoy healthy, happy days, but the sad fact is that the flu grabs hold of countless millions each flu season. In just a short while the flu season will be in full effect and not only the public is at risk. Staff and employees at hospitals and clinics are every bit as at risk of contracting the flu this flu season.

Another sad fact is that many medical facilities, big and small, don’t stock up on enough flu vaccine and flu kits. Express Medical Supplies is here to change that!

Whether you opt for flu vaccines in single-dose, multi-dose, nasal spray or pre-filled syringes, you owe it to yourself, your staff, and the public to get stocked up now on flu vaccine. If there’s anything in a medical facility that’s better to overstock than be out of stock, it’s flu vaccine.

More than that, however, the importance of flu test kits are every bit as crucial. Your patients can rest assured that the testing process is nothing to fear. A swab of the inside of the nose can readily detect both influenza A and influenza B and do so in a very short time.

Choose from Genzyme Osom, BinaxNOW, and Quidel QuickVue flu test kits. These flu test kits are fast, they’re accurate and they find out for sure which, if either, flu strain the patient has.

Flu vaccines range from 6 months and up and can help alleviate the suffering patients may go through. Novartis Fluvirin, Fluarix pre-filled syringes, Gsk Flulaval, Medimmune Flumist, Sanofi Pasteur Fluzone…we’ve got it all!

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