Avoid the Flu – Without Being Rude

Most sick people are considerate of others. Thus, they cover their mouth when they cough and wash their hands after sneezing. But some people are not as considerate.

Being in close contact with people who are ill increases your risk of catching the flu. You can get an annual¬†flu vaccine¬†to lower your risk, but if you’re not a good candidate for the vaccine or if you missed your vaccine, certain tips can keep you safe.

Telling a grown person to cover his or her mouth is awkward – and some may see this as rude. If someone sick invades your space, here are three simple ways to deal with germs.

1. If a sick person uses your phone at work. Wait until the person leaves and then sanitize your phone and number pad with alcohol. This immediately kills germs and reduces your risk of illness.

2. If a sick person shakes your hand, do not sanitize in front of them. This may appear rude. Likewise, wait until the person leaves and then wash your hands. If unable to wash your hands, use sanitizer. Prior to washing your hands, keep your hands away from your nose and mouth.

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