Allergic Reaction to Latex Exam Gloves

People who work in the medical field are very familiar with exam gloves. While these gloves may get in the way of work, they can protect medical workers from germs and diseases.

There are different types of gloves and some gloves are made from a material called latex. Latex is a common material, but some people experience an allergic reaction to these gloves. Reactions vary, but in severe cases, latex allergies are life-threatening.

If you wear latex exam gloves and you begin to develop unpleasant symptoms, it is best to remove the gloves immediately. Symptoms can include redness, bumps, itchiness or hives. While the majority of reactions are mild and clear up within a few days, severe reactions can cause the throat to swell and affect breathing.

Take an antihistamine if you experience a reaction to latex exam gloves and monitor your symptoms. If you develop tightness in the chest or throat, a rapid heartbeat, or dizziness. Seek medical help immediately.

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