Affordable Flu Vaccine

Free or discount flu vaccines are more accessible than ever before. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled to keep the Affordable Care Act provisions in place, insured Americans will continue to receive flu vaccines – in most cases without even a co-pay for the doctor’s visit.

Flu shots have become quite inexpensive over the past few years, thanks to the provisions in the Affordable Care Act and bargain-priced flu shots offered to insured and uninsured Americans at drug and grocery stores, as well as health fairs.

Fall is the Season for Flu Shots

Flu vaccines are typically available between summer and fall. For example, most providers are currently preparing for the 2012-2013 flu shot season.

The Center for Disease Control recommends annual flu shots for everyone six months and older. While there are a variety of flu viruses, the vaccine is designed to provide protection against the three primary strains that research shows will cause the most illness during that year’s flu season.

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