Advantages of Using Medical Disposables

Medical DisposablesThe trend of using medical disposables is growing day by day. Using this type of disposables is regarded to reduce the cost associated with the manufacturing process. Recent developments in the health checkup dispensable items have created cost saving opportunities. Latest range of products like the sanitary ends, disposable valves, and syringes has replaced the most stainless applications for sterile fluid transfer by disposable components.

Medical disposables have made a mark in the history of medicine. Major growth has been noticed in the usage of disposable bags, which are used for mixers, bioreactors, harvest, transfer, transport. Tubing, components, and assemblies are also extensively used as such products.

Developments in the usage of aseptic components and connectors have also been noticed lately. This has increased the manufacture of irradiation sterilized assemblies that are not reusable. The aseptic connectors attached to bag systems, stainless steel tanks or tubing assemblies help in making sterile path connection.

Silicon tubing has been replaced with various alternatives. Thermoplastic elastomer tubing alternatives have come up. These tubings have better physical characteristics, low particulate, and lower gas permeability.

Why use medical disposables?

There are some advantages of using medical disposables. They are as follows:

  • By using these types of medical items you can get rid off the cleaning validation and the cleaning process associated with stainless vessels.
  • The risk of contamination probability in manufacturing is lowered with such well developed therapeutic medical items.
  • Disposable designs offer fast production build-outs. This also allows the technicians to stay focused on higher production turns.
  • The need to carry internal overhead of production and sterilization is negated with the use of custom pre-irradiated fluid transfer tubing assemblies.

Types of disposable gloves

These types of gloves play a very important part in the sanitary medical care. They create a barrier between the patient and the caregiver and limit the transfer of bodily fluids and infectious matter. This helps to prevent infection. These gloves are made of a variety of materials such as vinyl, nitrile, and latex.

Latex gloves are mostly used by the medical professionals. Disposable nitrile gloves can be used by people with latex allergies. Nitrile gloves are also used for tattooing and gardening purposes. The vinyl exam gloves or the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gloves are a second alternative to latex gloves.

It is the lower cost as well as their versatility that make the medical disposables the preferred choice for everyone.

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