About Flu Test Kits And Various Products Available

Every year the flu hits communities all over the country. So much worse than a typical cold, the flu hits people of all ages hard with body aches, fever, stomach upset, upper respiratory issues and headache. While there are a number of ways that you can attempt to prevent catching the flu, there are times when you will catch this virus no matter what you do. The best way to treat a variety of symptoms associated with the flu is to first diagnose the flu and what type of flu that it is. There are a few different types of flu and each year the most common variety varies depending on location and strain. As a medical facility, it is important to buy high quality flu test kits that can be used in a variety of situations.

Rapid Diagnosis

The key to helping patients feel better once they have contracted the flu is to rapidly diagnose them so you can push fluids and any medication that might help their symptoms. A flu test kit that needs to be sent out to a laboratory just isn’t going to be beneficial and for patients who have severe cases of the flu or are older in age, time is of the essence. A rapid diagnostic flu test kit is imperative to have on hand. If further testing is needed, this can be sent out to a laboratory, but at least an initial diagnosis has taken place.


When you go to buy flu test kits, you will find that the testing supplies usually coincide with a results system. The test swabs are used along with this system for a diagnosis. For example, the BD VERITOR SYSTEM can be used in office, and will reduce the amount of false positive results that you experience. This is a high quality testing system that allows for accurate readings. Also, the results are determined by the system, which means there is no human error involved when it comes to somebody reading the results on the test incorrectly.

The GENZYME OSOM INFLUENZA A & B TEST will provide fast results for both type A flu and type B flu. The nasal swap is inserted into a testing tube and from there, the doctor or the nurse can read the results and make a treatment plan from there.

The QUIDEL QUICKVUE INFLUENZA A+B TESTS can be completed using a variety of samples including a nasal swab, a nasopharyngeal swab, a nasal wash or nasal aspirate specimens. This is beneficial as every patient is different and sometimes samples need to be taken differently in order to form a diagnosis.

One of the most convenient flu test kit options is the QUIDEL QUICKVUE INFLUENZA TEST. This product is all in one and can be read within ten minutes of taking the test. This allows for better flow in the office, without having to take up rooms for patients waiting for results.

The number of flu test kits that are available on the market has grown in recent years. There are now a number of different products to choose from. The majority of these tests screen for all of the influenza virus types and results are usually acquired within thirty minutes of testing the patient. A simple swab of the nose is usually all that is needed in order to make an adequate diagnosis. Buying the best flu test kits you can find will help you better diagnose and treat patients adequately.


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