A Simple Swab Operation

Many people unfamiliar with the convenience of flu testing technology have asked how to run a flu test.  It’s very simple.  A swab is used to collect mucous from nasal cavities or the back of the throat.  That mucous is then put onto the region of the test which determines if it is viral.  Most modern flu tests only take between ten and twenty minutes to determine whether or not a patient has been infected with the flu. How to run a flu test quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly is with a flu test kit.

Flu test kits are becoming more efficient and more affordable every day, but many practices don’t use flu test kits.  What they’ll do is run the swab down a patient’s throat, then send that mucous off to the laboratory in order to see what sort of ailment is afflicting the individual.  This can take up to a week at times.  Meanwhile, if all somebody has is the flu, by the time the results come back, the likelihood is that they will have recovered!

Influenza kills around fifty thousand Americans every year.  Most of those killed are either the extremely young or the extremely old, and the reason for that is because their immune systems are either under-developed or in deterioration.  Flu tests can help curtail the losses which come from this virus by identifying it quicker, and allowing people to treat themselves more successfully at that critical time when immune systems most need aid.

For those in the house who are asking how to run a flu test, know that there are a variety of flu test kits on the market right now, and each will be slightly different.  The majority of them are going to involve a swab collecting organic material from the individual being tested, and putting it in an area where certain chemical things are done which reveal whether or not the flu the person has contracted is type A, type B, or psychosomatic.

There are a great variety of flu variations out there.  Beyond Type A and B are the Asian Bird Flu and the Swine Flu; both of which are virulent and dangerous, and subsets of either category.

In all of human history, there has never been recorded a cure for the common cold–for Influenza.  That’s another reason it makes sense to learn how to run a flu test.  There’s no way to prevent an ailment, but there is a way to treat it more quickly, and decrease the amount of time contagious individuals are in contact with those who have not been infected.  Measures such as these are sure to bring a healthier society into prominence.

Economy is severely affected by the influenza virus every year.  Consider personally how much money you may lose if you catch the creeping crud and can’t go to work for just one week.  If you’re getting paid thirty dollars an hour for five hours a day, and you work five days a week, then being out for a week would cost you seven hundred and fifty dollars.  That’s not to mention the hundred-or-so dollars you may end up spending on vitamins, cough drops, tissues, rental movies and sleep-aids.  If you’re sick for two weeks, double the expense.  Rest, fluids, and nutrition are the best way to recover; but sometimes a person is just hit at a rough time in their life, and they end up in the hospital.  Do not let this happen to you.  Learn how to run a flu test, and keep one handy in your house or clinic at all times.

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