A High-Dose Flu Vaccine May Offer Better Protection for Elderly

If you are elderly or have a greater risk for flu-related complications, a high-dose flu vaccine may be the answer to dodging the flu virus this flu season.
The flu shot is recommended by many doctors and widely available during flu season. Unfortunately, the flu virus does not offer 100% protection. This is bad news for the millions at risk for flu-related complications, such as pneumonia.
However, according to a report by MedPage Today, “high-dosage flu vaccines seem to produce better antibody responses against the flu virus compared to standard vaccines.”
The research focused on elderly persons in long-term care. Nonetheless, the study provides insight on how high-dose flu vaccines may benefit people of other age groups, especially those with a compromised immune system or chronic respiratory problems.
Not that a standard influenza vaccine won’t offer protection. But given the fact that standard flu vaccines only offer 90% protection, a high-dose influenza vaccine might be able to close the gap, offering better protection.
Most doctor offices and pharmacies receive a supply of flu vaccines as early as September. Because it takes about two weeks for the flu vaccine to be effective, early vaccination is recommended.
Talk with your doctor and discuss your options. If you do not like needles, ask your doctor about the nasal flu vaccine.
The standard flu vaccine is approved for adults and children six months and older.
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