5 Reasons to get your Flu Vaccine


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Did you know that you need a flu vaccination every year, well there is a good reason why this is being hyped up so much: Over the years, the influenza vaccine has prevented millions of people from getting the flu and another tens of thousands from being hospitalized, this is according the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Although there has been an increase in flu vaccination awareness, more than half of all American men are still not getting vaccinated. Many of them won’t get vaccinated for a variety of reason, some of which are backed up by science. It is important to note that Influenza can be dangerous and can send a totally healthy person who has no underlying illnesses to the emergency room. There have been cases where healthy people who have contracted the flu have found themselves unable to breath, have high fever and have to be place under intensive care unit. If you aren’t convinced yet, here are five reasons why you need to get the flu shot.

You Do Not Have To Be Sick To Spread the Flu

According to Harvard University, up to 30% of people who have the flu virus don’t show the flulike symptoms and yet they remain contagious. Young, healthy people who have not been vaccinated may experience mild symptoms or none at all and end up spreading the virus to their co-workers, family members and everyone else they come into contact with and these people may get hit hard by the symptoms. Chose to be a flu preventer and not a flu spreader.

The Flu Vaccine Might Spare You a Heart Attack

A study that was carried out by JAMA Network on adults that had gotten a flu shot indicated that they were 36% less likely to get a stroke or a heart attack than those who didn’t. According to Dr. Jacob Udell from the University of Toronto, the influenza virus is responsible for inflammation in the whole body therefore causing the plaque that had built up in the arteries to dislodge and consequently forming a blood clot. These blood clots are often responsible for strokes and heart attacks. However, if you get vaccinated, your immune system will tame the inflammation therefore preventing blood clots.

You Won’t Lose Sick Days

There is an estimated 111 million workdays lost each year due to the flu, these accounts to $7 billion loss to the economy. Even if you try to toughen up and go to work, good luck dealing with co-workers who will be trying to avoid you. Working at home certainly will not be a solution since there is little you can while you are sneezing and shaking.

You Might Hold a Baby

Babies who are under 6 months are not eligible for flu vaccination and yet they’re susceptible to the influenza virus which may lead to hospitalization or even death. Even if you do not have a baby, your friends or family members probably have one and there is a chance that you may spend some time with them. I am pretty sure you would not want to put that little one at risk.

Its Available Everywhere

It has become easier, more than ever, to get a flu vaccine, major drugstore and supermarkets such as Target offer vaccination. These means you do not require to see a doctor or go anywhere that you had not planned to go. However, if you have a serious medical condition, make sure you see a doctor since some flu vaccines may have a scant amount of egg protein therefore causing egg allergies.

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