4 Ways to Prepare for Flu Season

With winter approaching, many people are thinking of ways to protect their family from the flu virus. While there’s no way to guarantee 100% protection, many steps can be taken to greatly reduce your risk. By reducing your risk, you avoid passing the virus to friends, family and coworkers.

1. The number one way to protect yourself from the flu virus is to get a flu vaccine. Visit your doctor or a local pharmacy and inquire about the shot. The shot is covered by most insurance. If you do not have insurance, most pharmacists will administer a shot for about $30.

2. Don’t forget to stock up on sanitizer. Keep one in your car, in your desk at work and inside your purse. Sanitize between meals and before you eat.

3. Go to the store and buy spray disinfectant. Make a habit of spraying doorknobs, tables, phones and any other surface.

4. If you sense that someone is ill with the flu, avoid this person. This is especially important if you decline the flu vaccine. Flu germs are airborne and being in the vicinity of a sick person can make you ill.

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