3 Myths About the Flu Vaccine

Opinions regarding the flu vaccine vary. Some people swear by the vaccination and never skip a year. But others are skeptical and feel that the flu shot isn’t necessary. The more information you know about the Influenza vaccination, the better. Rather than listen to others and allow these comments to shape your opinion, consider the truth about the flu vaccine.

Myth #1: The Flu Vaccine Causes the Flu

There is a belief that the flu shot will cause the flu. While it’s true that some people experience side effects, such as a low-grade fever and a sore throat, the flu vaccine does not cause sickness. Side effects typically disappear within 24 hours and do not interrupt daily routines.

Myth #2: Healthy People Do Not Need a Flu Vaccine

Some people feel that the flu vaccine is only for children, the elderly and people with a weak immune system. Most people who get the flu recover without complications, but complications do occur. These include pneumonia, hospitalization and death. Complications can occur in anyone, including healthy adults without prior medical issues.

Myth #3: You Have to Get the Flu Vaccine Before December

The sooner you get vaccinated the better, but there is no cut off date for the flu vaccine. Flu cases increase between December and February. Even if you wait until the end of the year to get vaccinated, you can still protect yourself in the event of an outbreak.

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