12-Month Protection From the Flu

Nobody wants to get sick. Yet, cases of the flu increase during the winter months. Some people never leave home without their sanitizer. And while sanitizer is highly effective for the flu virus, it’s not 100% guaranteed. Not to suggest giving up your sanitizer. As a matter of fact, many doctors and experts recommend regularly sanitizing your hands to kill germs and reduce your chances of the flu. But even if you decide to stock up on sanitizer, never discount the importance of a flu vaccine.

The flu vaccine is approved for people over the age of six months. A single dose offers protection for a full 12 months. Plus, this shot is the most effective preventative measure. You can visit your doctor or stop by a pharmacy without an appointment. It only takes a few minutes to receive your vaccine. And once the vaccine is in your system, you can stop obsessing about the flu.

Schedule your flu vaccine and make sure your family schedule an appointment as well.

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