6 Types of Surgery Equipment

According to the National Centre for Health Statistics (NCHS), around 45 million surgical procedures were performed in the USA in 2005. These figures indicate the growing demand for surgeons as well as surgery equipment. There is a huge market of high quality surgical instruments in the United States. Many of the suppliers and manufacturers even supply custom surgery equipment according to the doctors’ specifications.

Types of Surgery Equipment

Here is a list of some of the frequently used surgery equipment:

  1. Scalpel: A scalpel is a surgical knife used to make an incision during a surgery. The scalpel can be of different sizes and shapes, depending on the type of surgical procedure. It comes with detachable stainless steel blades and is normally disposed after one time use.
  2. Scissors: Scissors are used in a surgery to cut bandages, sutures or stitches. Metzenbaum scissors are specially designed to cut delicate skin tissues. Mayo scissors are used to cut thick body tissues in the uterus, muscles or breast.
  3. Retractors: Retractors are used to retract and hold the tissues after making an incision so as to access the surgical site. Large retractors are used in abdominal surgery to hold the cavity open and are usually hand held.
  4. Forceps: Forceps have smooth ends and are used to hold the tiny skin tissues and objects that are difficult to grasp with the fingers. Forceps used to deliver babies have round ends like a spoon, which fit around the baby’s head and pull him out of the vagina.
  5. Suction devices: While performing nose, mouth, and pharynx surgeries, the patient’s airway has to be cleared of phlegm, blood and sputum. Suction devices are used to remove such materials before surgery.
  6. Catheter: A catheter is a thin and flexible tube that is inserted into a body cavity or duct in order to drain or administer fluids. Its main use is to drain urine from the urinary bladder or kidney in case of patients who cannot pass urine in the normal way due to some reasons.

Besides the above mentioned surgery equipment, there are several other devices, such as cauteries, anesthesia, bed sheets, towels, surgical trays, sutures, staples, needles and skin markers. Most of these are disposable equipment and are manufactured for one time use only.

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