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Essentials During a Flu

When you come down with a flu, the last thing you’ll want to do is run to the store. That’s why it’s a good idea to have everything you need right there at home. The following items will get you … Continue reading

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Types of Flu Tests and How it Works

Although influenza often seems commonplace, the flu is a serious threat, infecting tens of millions and killing over 20,000 Americans each year. This highly contagious respiratory infection is caused by a diverse group of single-strain viruses known as influenza viruses … Continue reading

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Why You Should Buy the Flu Test

Do you feel terrible today? Symptoms such as fever, headache, cough, sore throat, runny nose and muscle pain give signs of the flu. The flu can cause you days of bed rest, making you miss work and other important agendas … Continue reading

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The Need For Flu Test Kits

Flu or influenza is an extremely contagious respiratory infection caused by influenza viruses. It is most common in winter and attacks the body by spreading through the upper and lower respiratory tract. It is characterized by various symptoms such as … Continue reading

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Medical Testing Supplies For Your Lab

There are many reasons why you might need lab testing supplies for your medical business, hospital or center.  At Medical Testing Supplies, we have everything that you need in order to have the proper equipment at your disposal. We’re Online … Continue reading

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Flu Kit Ordering Made Simple

During the flu seasons, it can be difficult keeping your doctor’s office or emergency services office stocked with the supplies that you need to make sure that all patients experiencing and exhibiting signs of the virus are tested properly. In … Continue reading

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Order Flu Vaccine from Express Medical Supplies

Outbreaks of influenza are common among patients and healthcare workers. Fortunately, you can order flu vaccine from Express Medical Supplies in Fountain Inn, SC to keep your patients feeling healthy during flu season. Flu vaccines come as injections or nasal … Continue reading

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Purchasing Lab Supplies Online

Easy to Order Low Priced Lab Supplies In today’s fast paced world it is beneficial to have options in ordering lab supplies for your office or home health care service. It is fast, easy, and inexpensive to order lab supplies … Continue reading

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How many flu test kits should I order?

While being a medical personnel call for comprehensive awareness of what your task entails, it can be challenging when sourcing out those often critical health equipment. Besides the fact that the availability and commercial use of flu test kits have significantly increased over the recent years, the number of flu-related cases have remained hard to predict. Therefore, before you ask the question Topic: How many flu test kits should I order? Being aware of some factors concerning the same is paramount. These flu testing kits popularly called Rapid Influenza Diagnostics Tests are typically used in many different health institutions including hospitals, nursing homes, cruise ships and even summer camps. An experienced health personnel can easily use it to tell of a possible influenza virus infection although it only takes a qualified physician to explain the attack. However, to fully answer the question Topic: How many flu test kits should I order? A preview of the following will be helpful. Efficiency of the kit Before the emergence of today’s Rapid Influenza Diagnostics Tests, there was a need for an efficient kit, one which could give the test result within no time. Today’s kits produce timely results, normally in less than 15 minutes, a move that’s welcome besides the fact that they can be used in many different locations. The efficiency of the kit also extends down to those that can distinguish Influenza A and B virus, eliminating the need for double testing to ascertain the type of virus attack. You are more likely to order more of them in contrast to anyone that can’t. … Continue reading

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How to run a Flu Test

Before learning how to run a flu test, you need to understand influenza well so as to make the right decisions at the right time. What is the ’flu’? The influenza virus is the culprit when it comes to the … Continue reading

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