Why Take a Pulmonary Lung Test?


You may have heard of pulmonary lung tests (PFTs) before, but aren’t quite sure what it is. Simply, this test measures how well your lungs function. The test itself measures how well you are able to breathe and how your lungs bring oxygen to the rest of your body.

Today, we will go over more detail of why a PFT test is important and why you should take a PFT on a regular basis. Let’s get started!

Lung Problems Arising

If you start to experience having lung problems of any kind your doctor will have you take a PFT test. If you are getting ready for a surgery, your doctor may also order a test done to make sure your lungs are functioning well.

For the most part, the PFT test will detect:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Respiratory infections like bronchitis
  • Asbestosis
  • Pulmonary tumors
  • Lung cancer

If My Doctor Orders a Test, How Should I prepare?

If you are taking medication of any kind, you should talk to your doctor if you should discontinue the medication before the test. You should also be aware that you shouldn’t eat a full meal before the test as this can prevent your lungs from taking a deep breath due to stomach acid digesting food. Try to also avoid food that contains caffeine as this opens up the airways in your lungs that can change the outcome of the test.

When You Should Avoid the PFT Test

There are a few specific situations where you shouldn’t take this PFT test. You should avoid the test if you fall into one of these categories:

  • You’ve had a heart attack within the last year
  • You’ve recently had eye, chest, or abdominal surgeries
  • Have heart disease
  • Have a respiratory infection

You would want to advise your doctor if you have one of these conditions. Typically, your doctor will not have you take the test, but may have it done under their supervision.

The Test Itself

When you take the PFT test it has two parts to it. These two parts include:

  • Spirometry: This part of the test measures the air you breathe in and out. They put a clip on your nose, so the test relies solely on your lungs. The technician giving the test will explain how you should breathe for the test. The test also involves a tracer gas, which measures how well your lungs function. Don’t worry this gas will not harm you in any way.
  • Plethysmography: This test measures the gas in your lungs in terms of volume capacity for strength. This plays an important role in finding any abnormalities in your lungs.

Most doctors include a PFT test as a part of a regular physical checkup. However, sometimes this test is not included, and you can ask your doctor if you could take the test as part of your checkup. If you start experiencing lung problems, it’s most likely your doctor will order this test for you, as this will help reveal any abnormalities in your lungs.


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Ways to Prevent the Flu

Everyone dreads flu season and when the news starts reporting that there has been an increase in influenza cases in your area, it might be time to start thinking about preventing this illness as best as you can. So much worse than the traditional cold or stomach bug, the flu virus can wreak havoc on the body and can be quite dangerous for those people who have compromised immune systems or health issues. Luckily, there are some effective ways that you can help boost your immune system and prevent the flu this coming flu season.

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Eating Healthy
Your number one defense is often food. That unfortunately doesn’t mean you can chow down on anything that you want. Nutrition can be used in place of medication in many instances thanks to the vitamins, minerals and probiotics you can get from all of the lovely and colorful fruits and veggies that are in stores. You want to keep a good balance of nutrients coming in and the best way to do so is to imagine a rainbow. The more colors you can include in your diet, the better. That means you are going to want to stay away from processed foods, fatty foods, junk food, etc. Aim for leafy greens that are high in B vitamins and iron, and don’t forget the vitamin C in fruits like oranges. These nutrients will help your immune system function at it’s optimal level. Eating too much sugar can decrease the immune system’s function. Dairy can also increase inflammation in the body and make you more susceptible to illness, including the flu.

Staying Active
Your immune system likes it when you keep moving and keep your heart healthy. Sweating out toxins can also keep you healthier and keep your immune system functioning at it’s peak. Aim for some form of physical activity each day; something that increases your heart rate and makes you sweat. For some this might be a brisk walk and for others you may enjoy an aerobics class or run on the treadmill. You want to keep your blood moving, keep your digestion flowing, and keep your body clean from the inside.

Each year there is a flu vaccine released that has been made up from the previous year’s flu strain. Each year the flu changes ever so slightly, but for the most part, the vaccine will be effective in preventing the flu. If the flu is contracted, it can at least shorten the duration of the illness and prevent a hospital stay. Many medical offices, hospitals and businesses run flu shot clinics in the fall when the flu is not prevalent, but will be arriving shortly. If you have questions about the flu vaccine you can inquire with your doctor about whether or not you are a prospective candidate.

Get Enough Rest
If you are constantly on the go and are not getting enough rest each night, this can put your immune system at a great disadvantage. Many people find themselves going from home to work, back and forth between activities and trying to get errands and other chores done each week. There’s nothing wrong with staying busy but you have to make sure that you carve out some down time for not only your mental health but also your physical health. Taking care of your body will help keep your immune system at optimal performance. That way, if you do come into contact with the flu virus, your body will make quick work of it. Stay hydrated, sleep for at least 8 hours each night and relax whenever you can.

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Benefits of EasyOne


New Diagnostic Designs for Diagnosing Lung Disease

EasyOne hosts an array of new diagnostic devices supported by the American Thoracic Society in 2017.
These devices allow doctors to take a much closer look at lung diseases which allows a more accurate and much earlier diagnosis so treatment options can be presented to you the patient.

These devices have taken technology to new heights by keen upgrades such as seen in the Spirometry 360 for asthma management and care.

Medical technology continues to spin out of control, offering new diagnostic designs for diagnostic devices for lung testing and lung diagnoses.

Leading the Way in Faster, More Accurate Lung Disease Diagnosis

A company is leading the way in updating and devising new tools for easier and faster lung testing with a spirometer and portable all-in-one DLCO devices.

This group worked tirelessly over the last twenty years to improve your quality of care through offering solutions so your doctor can accurately diagnose your lung condition on site. This point of care diagnoses helps to send the right treatment to you on the spot.

EasyOne offers users one software solution to enable a connection with your electronic medical records.

EasyOne provides state-of-the-art diagnostic devices as follows,

  • Spirometer and full lung volume measurement
  • A PC based and portable spirometer called EasyOne Air
  • A mobile device offering a diffusion capacity assessment called the EasyOne Pro
  • All devices operate from one software solution through the EasyOne Connect platform

These lung testing devices offer an Ultrasonic TrueFlow Measurement which eliminated errors versus the traditional flow measurement methods that use, for example, humidity and heat.

These EasyOne testing methods,

  • Eliminate disposables
  • Removes the need for sputum collection
  • Offers fast, error free results

These new diagnostic design portable devices continually tested under the most challenging conditions and were found to be extremely durable while delivering accurate and consistent patient results.

These results set new standards for pulmonary function testing. The devices are easy to use, and the company offers excellent customer service.

Time is of the Essence in Diagnosing Lung Disease

These new diagnostic designs provided earlier detection of lung conditions such as asthma and disease processes like lung cancer so that your doctor could start the most accurate and appropriate treatment for you. These devices eliminated diagnostic error and assisted in providing irreversible lung damage to an untold number of patients.

No other company offers such transparency, reliable scientific evidence, and support of leaders in this medical industry. Our team consists of skilled, educated, and honest members. These members prove to exceed company goals and patient/doctor satisfaction. This company strives to enhance the environment with environmentally friendly products and activities.

When you are treating your patients with lung issues, you a prompt and accurate diagnosis. You know that time is of the essence so that you can offer your patients; their treatment options and your patients can make informed decisions regarding a lung diagnosis.

You want devices that can read fast and error free results as soon as possible. Lung conditions such as asthma and COPD and more severe diagnosis such as lung cancer demand that you find a quick solution for your patient to avoid irreversible lung damage.

Millions more people in today’s society see a great increase in asthma, allergies, and COPD. Most lung diagnosis can be controlled and managed well, allowing the patient to live a quality life. But, you need a fast and accurate diagnosis to help your patient.

These new diagnostic designs are everything it claims to be offering the most reliable and easy to use products, delivering excellence in customer service.


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Ways to contract HIV


It is not known how HIV started. The first reported case was in 1959. It was detected in the blood sample of a man from Kinshasa in the Dominic Republic of the Congo. How he became infected is unknown. In the early 80’s, it started becoming an epidemic in the United States. It was originally called Gay Related Immune Deficiency (GRID). At this time, it was believed that the disease was something that only gay men could develop. Over time, as doctors learned more about the virus, it became known as Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease (AIDS). It was also discovered that AIDS was caused by a virus called the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Over the years, we have learned a lot about the ways that you can get HIV and the ways that you cannot.

How Is HIV Transmitted

In order for a person to develop HIV, HIV must be present and it must get inside of the body through blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and breast milk. There are a variety of ways this can happen.

  • Unprotected Sex: If a person has the HIV virus or AIDS and they have unprotected sex with a healthy partner, it is likely that their partner will develop the virus as well. A woman can pass on the disease through vaginal secretions and a man can pass on the virus through his semen or his pre-seminal fluid. Couples do not need to have traditional intercourse to pass HIV. It can also be transferred during oral sex. Also, it doesn’t need to be a man and a woman having sex to pass on the virus. It can also be two men and two women.
  • Sharing Needles: IV drug users will often share their needles with their friends. This is one of the most common ways that HIV is passed. In order for this to happen, a person would need to be sharing a needle with someone who is already infected with the HIV virus or AIDS.
  • Accidental Needle Sticks: People who work in the medical field are at risk of developing HIV if they are accidentally stuck by a needle used on someone who is infected with the HIV or AIDS virus. Over the years, hospitals and all medical facilities have created a protocol to keep accidental needle sticks from happening in the work place.
  • Blood Transfusions: Blood transfusions was once a common cause of HIV and AIDS. Since then, the blood that people donate is tested for the virus. Also, the blood banks all over the world have been tested to be sure that there is no infected blood in the supply. Today, getting HIV or AIDS through a blood transfusion is very rare.
  • Child Birth and Breast Feeding: If a woman is pregnant and she has HIV or AIDS, it is quite possible that she can pass the virus on to her baby during childbirth and through breast feeding. If a mother knows that she is infected, there are precautions that can be taken to keep from passing the virus. If the mother is unaware that she has the virus, the chances of the child contracting the virus are very high.
  • Homemade Tattoos: Improper cleaning of the tools during a homemade tattoo is a common way to contract HIV.

Now that we know more about how HIV and AIDS are spread, we know what we need to do to keep from contracting and spreading it. Since doctors have learned so much about the disease over the last 40 years, the number of reported cases have dropped and medication has helped patients live long lives.


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Why HeartSine?


Image is from HeartSmart.com

Saving Lives with an AED

Long ago in 1947, the medical community discovered that an electrical shock to the heart would restart a stopped heart during cardiac arrest. Technology continues to work on ways in which medical persons, and lay persons alike can help the life of a person in cardiac arrest.

The mid-1960s found a portable version of the AED, Automated Electrical Device, born with the promise to help a person with emergency medical treatment. It has only been in the last ten years that the AED is offered and seen in many public places if someone enters cardiac arrest.

Death is Eminent Without an AED

The survival of a person in cardiac arrest has at least over a 30 percent chance of survival. Without AED assistance for survival is zero. Most CPR classes now train students in the class in the use of the AED. If someone needs to use an AED in an emergency situation, kits come with clear and simple directions for using the kit.

Ever since the AED came on the scene in 1947 technology continued to make giant strides for improvements in the utilization of the AED. One such advancement is an AED called HeartSine.

Why Rely HeartSine?

  • There are available adult AEDs and kits for children that follow suit of the original AED offered.
  • The following specifics regarding the HeartSine outshine the AEDs provided in the marketplace today, offering the superior and advanced technology available today.
  • You can purchase any HeartSine with an eight-year lifetime warranty and a ten-year product warranty. This warranty is up to five years longer than other products on the market today.
  • HeartSine is used in the CPR classroom and gives
  • CPR reports for classroom or real-time use.
  • The only treatment for an irregular heart pattern is defibrillation. Correcting an irregular heart pattern as seen in ventricular fibrillation is what the Heartsine is geared to do. Defibrillation, provided by HeartSine is the only treatment for ventricular fibrillation.
  • It is vital to get a CPR pattern going on a cardiac attack victim and then to give their heart a needed boost by using an available HeartSine.
  • The importance of your learning CPR can triple the survival rate of a person who suffered a cardiac arrest.
  • The Pad-Pak of the HeartSine contains the battery and the electrodes.
  • The HeartSine defibrillator electrodes provided users with voice prompt and directed CPR rate reports.
  • It only takes eight seconds, 12 seconds tops, to recharge the HealthSine.
  • HeartSine provides medical personnel with 90 minutes of ECG reports.
  • The HeartSine, not unlike any other AED has operating temperatures. The HeartSine has an operating and standby temperature of 0 degrees to 50 degrees.
  • A completely charged HeartSine unit is good for 60 shocks. This AED can monitor the patient for up to six hours of monitoring.
  • Every HeartSine unit is password specific.
  • Every HeartSine complies with updated AHA guidelines. However, The AHA requires no updates after purchase. There are complimentary updates available from the company websites.
  • Has a small flashing green light every five seconds. If the light flashes red, there is a default, and the Pad-Pak needs replacing.
  • The HeartSine offers a unique increased and comprehensive technology benefits.
  • Provides fewer inventories to monitor and track.

Time is of the essence as the longer the person’s heart pattern remains irregular, the higher the risk for pulse less activity. The ventricular fibrillation becomes no longer shockable.

The skilled, educated, trained, and experienced technicians at HeartSine remain at the forefront of portable defibrillation technology, providing un-relinquished expertise for AED units for medical personnel and the public domain.

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Signs You Have The Flu


Flu is one the most common viral infections that can be humiliating and devastating in equal measure. Detecting the early symptoms of the virus can take you a long way in preventing its spread as well as helping you to treat it before getting worse. Worth noting is that certain signs of flu are unique to children while some only show in adults. Read on to get knowledge of the various pointers that you are flu infected.

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Excessive or sudden fatigue is one key pointer that you are infected with the flu virus. When there are shorter days and the sunlight show less, you will have the feeling of tiredness. Even so, there is a significant difference between the feeling of tiredness and extreme fatigue. Excessive fatigue is among the earliest symptoms of the flu virus. Even though it may be a symptom of the common cold, the symptom is more severe with the flu. When you are tired and weak, it follows that your daily activities will be interfered with. Taking a rest at this point is imperative as it helps to strengthen your immune system.

Body aches and chills

These are some of the commonest flu symptoms. Sometimes you may mistake the pains on your body for something else like a recent workout or a heavy duty that you recently carried out. Though these can be legitimate causes too, the common flu can be a party to the troubles especially when the pain persists. No body part is resistant to body aches. It could be the legs, arms, the regions of the abdomen or even the neck that is experiencing pain. As well, chills are a common symptom that accompanies body aches even before the onset of a fever. To reduce chills, simply wrap a warm blanket around your body so that your body temperature can be increased. On the other hand, over the counter drugs are excellent remedies for body aches.


Even as it may signal the onset of some other condition, a persistent cough is usually associated with flu especially if it is accompanied by chest tightness and wheezing. In the later stages of the flu, you may notice mucus or phlegm on the cough, but it is not a common thing in the early stages of flu. Complications may often arise if you have pre-existing respiratory problems like emphysema or asthma. So you may want to visit a doctor immediately the cough starts. Some of the flu complications include pneumonia and bronchitis.

Sore throat

A sore throat usually follows a cough especially if a cough is flu related. Amazingly, some viruses can cause a swollen throat minus a cough. As the flu starts, you may feel your throat irritated and scratchy which causes you to feel a strange sensation when taking in foods and drinks. You should, therefore, seek medical attention as soon as possible as the condition may get even worse with the development of the flu.


A fever is an indicator that your immune system is fighting an infection. While it is a common symptom of flu in its early stages, not everyone will present with it. There exist several drugs that can alleviate fever.

The above are some of the signs that you have a flu and you should seek medical attention. As much as it may not be categorized as a deadly disease, you should not leave anything to chance.

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How Far Can The Flu Virus Travel?

immune defense
Flu is very contagious. That’s a well-known fact. What most people don’t know is just how far the flu virus can travel. According to a study carried out during the 2010/2011 influenza season, the virus can travel up to six feet from the patient’s head. This is contrary to the popular belief that influenza will travel only as far as large droplets produced after sneezing or coughing can go.

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Even though this is still research in the making, it is always wise to keep off the infection radius long before it gets a confirmation. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention admits that large sized respiratory particles are the greatest vectors. These could take the influenza virus to a maximum of four feet making this the official ‘kill zone.’

Latest Research Results

The January 2013 report, Clinical Infectious Diseases and high-speed camera tests by Singapore’s National University Hospital scientists has effectively pushed the infection zone making flu more dangerous. The experiments prove that the spray of tiny liquid droplets can actually fly further, up to six feet, hence placing any unprotected person within that range in danger.

The concentration of influenza virus in the particles decreases as the distance from the patient’s head increases. Coupling this with the varying concentration of the payload from one patient to another makes the exact range harder to pinpoint.

Protecting Yourself from Infection

The simplest way to reducing your chances of contracting influenza is by staying as far away as possible. This will involve avoiding gatherings or congested areas during the influenza season and keeping off potential patients whenever possible.

If you cannot avoid infected people, you have to wear a protective mast that will catch most of the particles. This could not be 100 percent protection since most of the equipment capable of filtering even the smallest particles, for instance the N95 respirators are hard to come by.

Getting your flu shot remains to be the strongest first line of defense. This will prepare your body for the infection just in case you can’t avoid the infected droplets. Encouraging patients to stay hygienic and cough into a tissue, handkerchief or sleeve will reduce the virus’ airborne virility.

Hygiene is Crucial

Even though coughing, sneezing, talking and even singing poses the highest threat if you are around the patient, you can still get infected by picking the virus off infected surfaces or touching your mucus membranes, for instance the nose, mouth or eyes with contaminated hands.

Wash your hands as often as possible. Wipe off surfaces around the infected person with disinfectant as often as possible. Disposing off towels and the used handkerchiefs appropriately will also reduce the risk of subsequent infection or re infection.

Understanding How Flu Makes You Contagious

Most of the adults will infect someone starting from day one, long before they see their own influenza symptoms. They will stay contagious through to day five or seven if the infection. Children are better vectors and can remain contagious for over seven days. The fact that you don’t develop the flu symptoms immediately after infection makes it ever so important to get a vaccine just before the influenza season.

Combining the influenza shot with a healthy lifestyle and proper hygiene could be all you need to survive a breakout. You should be more concerned with keeping flu out if you have children younger than five years in your family or under your direct care as they are more susceptible to infection as their immune system isn’t as strong as an adult’s.


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Causes & Symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest


Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can simply be described as a collapse of your heart. This means that your heart will stop beating without any warning which will lead to all brain functions stopping. Most people who get cardiac arrests are over the age of 45 but there are some cases of children getting it as will be discussed later in this article. It is important to note that a heart attack and a cardiac arrest are two different things. The most significant difference is that you can tell when you are having a heart attack, especially if it has happened before, but you can’t know when you will have cardiac arrest. However, the signs are quite similar such as:

  • Sudden difficulty in breathing.
  • Pain in either arms or back.
  • Shortness of breath.

The causes of SCA are many hence it may be difficult to determine an exact cause unless thorough tests are done on the patient.

Coronary artery disease (CAD)

It is one of the most common causes of sudden cardiac arrest since it does not have any signs and symptoms. It is caused by plaque buildup in the coronary arteries which over time block them up leading to less blood supply into the heart. Because there are no evident signs of the disease, you may not know you have it till you’ve had a SCA.

Silent heart attacks

As the name suggests, these types of heart attacks are not really felt. One may feel some discomfort in their chest or pain in their arms but will not really know that they are having a heart attack. Once this happens, the person may not have the sudden cardiac arrest immediately; it may take up to six months for it to occur, though this is not a must.

Family history

If ones family has a history of people getting cardiac arrests, then this puts them at risk of getting it too. Some of the disorders that are inherited and may lead to sudden cardiac arrest include arrhythmias. There are also people who inherit certain structures of the heart which also increase the chances of getting sudden cardiac arrest even as children.

Drug abuse

People who abuse hard drugs and alcohol also have a high risk of getting sudden cardiac arrest. This is because most of these drugs increase the heart rate which may lead to stress, blood cell rapture and cardiac arrest.

Physical exhaustion

When undertaking strenuous activities, you may wear out your heart leading to sudden cardiac arrest. This is due to the release of adrenaline which may trigger the heart to go into arrest if you have a heart condition. It may also be caused by:

  • Lack of oxygen.
  • Rapid loss of blood.
  • Low levels of potassium and magnesium in the blood.

Signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest

It may be difficult to know when one will have sudden cardiac arrest but there are some common signs that when you see, you should get help as soon as possible such as when the person has:

  • Intense chest pains.
  • Feeling dizzy.
  • Pains in the left, right arms or both.
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Lost consciousness.

These symptoms may vary in intensity and when they occur but they are the most important to look out for. This is especially crucial if the person has any kind of heart problem since it could save their life.

Knowing the causes and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest may not completely stop it from happening but it may reduce the chances of it being fatal. Doctors advise that every second counts when dealing with sudden cardiac arrest hence you should always be very sober if it happens.

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Leading Causes of Asthma


Asthma is the most unpredictable yet dangerous respiratory system reaction to the environment that can easily turn fatal. Despite the many hours and resources that have gone into researching on asthma, it’s still not clear why some people get asthma. What is known, however, is that asthmatic reactions are as a result of a complex blend of genetic and environmental factors.

A great cloud of uncertainty enshrouds hereditary asthma. The fact that one or both of your parents have asthma isn’t guarantee that you will have asthma. However, it could increase your chances of having the condition or notable allergic reactions. Scientists and researchers are, however, yet to draw a solid genetics relationship between parents and their offspring leaving genetic asthma that known but unproven condition that we all have to content with.

The most common, and well understood causes of asthma are:

Allergens in the air

Allergens are any harmless foreign substances that trigger a severe immunoresponse when they enter your body. Inhaling these substances (allergens) will result into asthmatic symptoms hence the first and most popular type of asthma, allergic asthma. The best solution to this kind asthma is by avoiding your triggers as much as possible.

Exercise and anything that makes you breath harder

Another common cause of asthma is hard exercise or exerting physical activities that raise up your heartbeat and rate of breathing. This could lead to exercise-induced bronchoconstriction asthma. Also known as exercise-induced asthma, it will kick in after a few minutes of continuous exercise especially if in cold, dry or stuffy air. Proper treatment will help you increase your tolerance hence improving how much exertion your body can take before the asthmatic attack kicks in.

Strong emotions or feelings

Any strong emotions or feelings, be it happiness or anger related could affect your breathing and sometimes trigger an asthmatic attack. People who already suffer from another form of asthma attack will be more susceptible to this. Sometimes, people who do not have asthma might experience symptoms like wheezing or difficult in breathing in such cases.

Respiratory Illnesses

Since asthma leads to inflammation of the respiratory system, any illness that sets off such an inflammation could lead to one or more asthma reactions. The most popular infections in this range include:

  • Influenza
  • Sore throat
  • Sinus infection
  • Pneumonia

These conditions will make your asthma worse if you already have common allergens. They can also be perfect triggers to people without any asthma histories especially if they are children.

Asthma risk factors

Apart from these direct asthma causes, you increase the chances of recurrent infections if you fit any of these conditions

  • If you are overweight
  • You are a smoker
  • Living with or being near people who smoke
  • Exposure to air pollutants like internal combustion engine fumes and smoke
  • Exposure to occupational triggers like farming, manufacturing and hairdressing chemicals
  • Hormonal changes like during the menstruation cycle
  • Sulfites in food
  • Sensitive to specific types of medication

Even though doctors cannot really tell why some people get asthmatic reactions to harmless substances and others do not, they have figured out different ways to alleviate attack symptoms and even make them less common. All medication seeks to reduce the inflammation and constriction that accompanies asthma bouts hence making breathing possible. In addition to this, a comprehensive asthma action plan that helps you avoid allergens and equip you or those around you with the knowledge and tools needed to combat asthmatic bouts will help you stay safer hence preventing any fatalities.

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5 Major Myths About Flu

Sneezing woman

Every year most households experience colds and the like but when the flu season hits things get a bit more serious. Not just a simple cold or virus, the flu can be very severe even in otherwise healthy people. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions about the flu and this can lead to people not being properly protected or prepared for flu season. Let’s take a look at five major myths about the flu:

The Flu Shot Can Cause The Flu

Every year a vaccine is offered to the public that is designed to help protect against the flu. While some years the vaccine is more effective than others, there are people that believe that getting the flu shot will put the virus in their body and they could potentially become sick from it. Such is not the case. The viruses that are used to create the shots are actually dead so there is no way that you can get sick from it. The newer nasal mist being used does contain live viruses but they are weakened and cannot cause symptoms. While a reaction to the ingredients in a vaccine is possible, you are not going to get the flu from the shot.

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If You Have Been Sick For A Few Days, An Antibiotic Is Necessary

Doctors prescribe antibiotics when they believe that a bacterial infection of some sort is present. Typically, after a few days of being sick, an antibiotic is used to kill off the bacteria and help a person recover. However, with the flu, you are dealing with a virus which cannot be affected by an antibiotic. If you have been sick for a number of days and are not seeing any improvement or are declining, you may want to seek out medical assistance for some fluids or medication that will help with vomiting or nausea, but antibiotics are not going to work for you.

It’s Just Another Illness

Sore throats, coughs and runny noses are common in the winter months when germs are quite prevalent in schools, offices and public places, but the flu should be taken very seriously. Many people write it off as just another illness but in fact, flu symptoms are very severe. Some years the flu is much worse than others but in general, people tend to be very symptomatic for at least seven days. After that, it can take weeks before feeling completely normal again. Fever, body aches, headaches, exhaustion, sore throat and more are just some of the symptoms people experience. Pneumonia is a common complication associated with the flu and can affect any demographic.

You Can’t Spread The Flu If You Have No Symptoms

The flu might be present in your home and you might not be sick but that doesn’t mean you can’t spread the flu to other people. People who have had the flu shot and people who are asymptomatic can still be carriers of the virus and pass it on to healthy people. If the flu is present in your family or household then its best to limit your exposure to other people until you are sure everyone is healthy and you are not going to get sick. The last thing you want to do is get someone else very ill.

You Don’t Need A Flu Shot Yearly

In fact, the flu shot is a completely different variety each year based off the current virus that is going around. Just because you had a flu shot last year or the year before doesn’t mean that you are protected this year as well. Always stay on top of your flu shot and get it regularly before flu season hits. This will increase the potential for staying healthy.

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